Why Another Blog

Huh ? Why one more blog ? There are already so many lovely cooks out there cooking food the way their ammas and grandammas taught, so why one more you ask ?? Hold on !!
Instead of posting familiar recipes again, its an attempt to consolidate regional recipes by maintaining an index. So when you want to reference how to make a chettinad recipe you come here, search for the recipe and then it takes you to the blog where the actual recipe is. So to search for a tamil recipe you come here instead of google. Novel isn't it ?? Thats exactly what I thought and kicked my brain for not thinking it that far becoz its not my idea
I copied the idea for this blog from Shaheen and RP. Wait !!! Before you complain about plagiarism its only with their permission ofcourse !!!
So here we go ! For the people, By the people - This Tamil Recipes Index Blog !! Happy Eating !

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